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After the last census, what was most interesting to Floridians was that the state had surpassed New York as the 3rd most populous state. There had always been jokes up north about how Florida really was just a warmer New York with better taxes, but with this data and the relocation of 1,000 New York jobs to the Sunshine State, there may be good reason for such a label.

For the state, it really is a great thing, and it proves that when local governments make it more attractive for people to live in an area, they move there. And this concept - people moving to Florida - brings us to getting insurance quotes on a home.

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If you own a home, the truth is that you need insurance. The purpose of having coverage is to protect an asset - and yourself - in the event of losing something that you cannot afford to replace.

The first step in this whole process is to get quotes. We recommend you go online first because it is easy. In fact, you should read Janet Kaminsky's list of insurance requirements for the state before you do.

Gather Quotes Online

Getting quotes is a simple process. You can use a free search tool and collect multiple quotes at one time. One such tool is located at the top of this page.

After all, it is possible that a site may have a bias, or even something as simple as a mistake in their algorithms.

Once you have your quotes, the next step is to make sure that they are all for the same level of coverage. For example, if Company Q is quoting for 20% less, than it is possible that the policy may not be being calculated correctly. For this, you should make sure that the level of coverage is the same, as is the zip code.

The zip is important because the difference between something as simple as 33825 and 32825 is 75 miles from Avon Park to Orlando. Both towns are inland, but there will be some nuances that make a difference in price, such as the fact that Orlando is 30 times as large and has a much bigger tourist population.

Once you have these quotes, it is time to reach out to a local agent for the companies you are considering going with.

Call Local Agents

We live in a virtual world, and that can be a great thing. However, when we make human connections there are benefits that we cannot get otherwise.

For example, that agent who is depending on new customers to keep his branch open is going to go the extra mile to make sure you understand the benefits of choosing his office over one that may operate from another city or state. And those larger out of town offices will have information that make them the ideal choice.

For instance, the local agent is going to be very concerned about your home and property when a storm blows through because you are his neighbor. However, the company that operates in another town can be available for you when the power goes out because they will not have the same problems as you.

While you are worried about the damage a storm did to your home, the agent will be worried about making sure you get priority service, such as funds for a hotel stay, if necessary, and a car if yours are not usable.

There are pluses and minuses, and you will need to make a decision between what gives you the most benefit for your buck. This is where the discounts come in.

Ask for Discounts

Many agents will readily offer discounts, but there are times that you have to ask for something in order to get it. Consider the time you spend talking to an agent as a job interview. You are trying to get the most from him or her for the lowest possible expense.

Just as a candidate may be more attractive to work in your office if he is a non-smoker, he would also be great if he had customers of his own. The same goes in this case, but instead of worrying about your insurance agent taking a break every half hour and having low sales, you want to know if he or she will save you money.

Sometimes there are no immediate discounts, but one that will come down the road. Additionally, there are discounts on the premiums if you will raise your deductible. Other people choose to consolidate their insurance needs under the roof of one company, which may lower rates across the board.

For example, if you get your home, business, flood, auto, life, and boat policies from an agent and she can't give you a discount compared to just insuring your home, then that company may not be the place for you to get coverage. Having said this, if the policy rates are lower without the need for a discount, then you should look into moving everything under their roof.

However, that should depend on what they think of whether or not you need flood insurance.

Ask the Agents if They Think Flood Insurance is Necessary

Florida is a wet state. During the 20th Century, there was, on average, a hurricane every five years. In spite of this, not everyone is required to have flood insurance, and this coverage is not built in to the average policy.

For those who are not sure why this matters, it is because when you get flooded it is not per the insurance definition that it is the result of a rising tide. The truth is that most water damaged is considered a flood when an adjuster makes his or her determination.

For example, if a hurricane moves through your town while you are away and blows a potted plant from your neighbors yard into your bathroom, cracking the commode and creating a slow trickle of water that is constantly replenished to trickle out some more, by the time you get home you'll have a gigantic mess on your hands and some serious damage.

The window and the commode will be covered by your normal policy, but without flood insurance you'll be responsible. The same applies if there was no damage from the cracked commode but the rain went through the broken window and damaged the drywall.

Now that you know this, you need to know how your potential agent classifies a flood, and what experience he has had with these kinds of situations.

The key thing to remember is that you need to stick to the basics. Research quotes, meet with a live agent in person or on the phone, and then see what deals you can get.

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Free Home Insurance Comparison

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